750+ Alchemists across Canada

Publicis Canada is a full-service communications agency. That means our vision is always matched by our ability to deliver on it. We are 750 alchemists strong and growing. This strength is tempered by the diverse expertise and unrelenting spirit we apply to everything we do. Creative, strategy, production, data, sponsorship, and CRM aren’t disparate parts of a whole, they’re the alloy with which we construct something magical. Something that shines in the media spotlight and glimmers in the minds of consumers.

It’s said that true alchemy has never been achieved. We beg to differ.

Our Lead Alchemists

Duncan Bruce

President & CEO

Jessica Balter

Chief Marketing Officer

Brett McIntosh


Vini Dalvi

Chief Creative Officer

Lindsey Ash

Chief Talent Officer

Alister Adams

General Manager &
Chief Digital Officer

Mary Chambers

Chief Strategy Officer


Culture means everything to us. When 750+ alchemists are all working together to create magic, you need true diversity, a firebrand spirit, and an unrelenting commitment to keep things fresh. If we lose sight of that, we’re just another agency.

Whether it’s our own people or those outside our agency, we believe in growth and giving a helping hand. These initiatives exist because they represent our values. When everyone is willing to lend a hand, give back, and rise to the occasion, we make good on our promise as an organization. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk, then run.

Additionally, we encourage personal and professional growth, while building a culture of excellence for ourselves and everybody around us.

Lion Share

Every month we get together to share great work, recognize great people, and keep apprised of what’s going on in the industry at large. All 750+ of us.

Advice on Demand

All of us have experienced a crossroads in our career or the need to know more when new to a role. ‘Advice on Demand’ is a group of Publicis vets ready to help you meet challenges like these with comfort and ease.

Driving Change

Real change comes when individuals come together to help make it a reality. ‘Driving Change’ is a group of communities within Publicis committed to developing social change inside the agency and out. We tackle issues like racial, gender, and 2SLGBTQIA+ equality, accessibility, health and more.

Working With Cancer

Our Groupe-wide, cross-industry coalition to combat the stigma of cancer in the workplace to create more open, supportive, and recovery-oriented work cultures.

of the Cold

Taking care of our employees is paramount, but we can’t forget about those outside our walls who are less fortunate. For a decade now, Publicis Canada has partnered with the ‘Out of the Cold’ foundation to cook and serve meals for the unhoused and anyone experiencing food insecurity.

Pub United

A healthy agency is one that comes together, and ‘Pub United’ is exactly how we make that happen at Publicis Canada. Happy hours, countless sports leagues, grand outings, and even axe-throwing, bring our teams together into a greater whole.

Our CSR Commitment

The respect of everyone without exception is at the heart of our corporate culture. We conduct a deliberate policy in favour of diversity, real inclusion, equality of chance, because nothing can ever be taken for granted in this area.

We focus our CSR efforts in 5 distinct pillars: Environmental, Societal, Talent, Ethics and Governance, and Client Support.

For more information and details, view our CSR strategy.