For Every Christmas First, There’s Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Holiday


Christmas is arguably the most important season for Canadian Tire. And while many Canadians know and love CT for Christmas, the brand wanted to stay top of mind and ‘own’ the season in an increasingly crowded competitive market.


Christmas is famous for its traditions and repetition, but that’s only half of what makes the experience feel so magical. Because the truth is within all the tradition, there’s always something new that makes each year’s Christmas feel that much more special and memorable. Canadian Tire isn’t just Canada’s Christmas Store, it’s also a store strongly associated with ‘firsts’. Pairing these two truths together took as to the campaign idea of “For Every Christmas First, There’s Canadian Tire” showcasing all the ways Canadian Tire makes magic Christmas firsts.


We created a fully integrated campaign centred around one thought, For Every Christmas First, there’s Canadian Tire. The campaign was anchored by two 30-second spots that used fun and insightful storytelling to make audiences smile, when everyone else was making them cry. The Christmas First message went far beyond broadcast totalling to 302 pieces of content.