Jeep Code

Jeep grilles are now scan-able codes you can use to car-shop. “Jeep Code” uses Snapchat and machine learning to identify models and educate users on specs, pricing, and local availability.


The Jeep brand wasn’t connecting with younger car buyers and with car ownership increasing steadily amongst younger generations, we needed to create a breakthrough way to connect with this new group of buyers.


Scannable technology has become prominent in our touchless society as a way to connect people and information using their own devices.


Turn the most recognizable grille in the world into a scannable barcode via Snapchat.

Jeep Code is a first-of-its-kind, AI technology that leverages machine learning to analyze and identify different grille types and nameplates using a database of thousands of automotive images. The result is a seamless journey from social media to ownership through our physical product – all without the pressures of the dealership, just how our target prefers it.

Animation of simplified Jeep grills transforming into a barcode, and then from a barcode into a simplified website wireframe graphic.