The Pleasure Of Singing

Singing Out (Unapologetically Queer Award, PrideAM Awards 2024)

We asked Singing Out, Toronto’s largest 2SLGBTQQIA+ community choir, to show us their Ooooo faces (the faces they make when they can stand up and perform as their unapologetically truest selves) and the results were nothing less than euphoric. 

We needed to create a campaign that displayed Singing Out’s inclusivity while adding a provocative layer that passersby couldn’t miss. The campaign’s core insight is that when people sing, they get to experience a sense of freedom and euphoria that is unlike anything else. Anything except.. well, you know.

We collaborated with celebrity photographer Matt Barnes to take striking images of real Singing Out choir members actually singing. We then added provocative headlines to drive home the inherent pleasure of performing as your authentic self.

Come with us. A bearded man with long hair looking up in ecstasy.
Take pleasure in it. A woman mouth looking up with eyes closed and mouth open.

We hoped that the power of pleasure in the faces of Singing Out’s singers themselves would be an eye-catching way for the city to hear their song. But the campaign did more than catch the city’s eyes – Singing Out sold out their cabaret shows the following season!

“We believe in the power of creativity to make a positive impact on society. That is why we’re honoured to bring Singing Out’s message of acceptance and diversity to life through this playful and engaging campaign.” — Vini Dalvi, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Toronto. 

Publicis Toronto is incredibly proud to have been given the chance to work with such a truly wonderful organization as Singing Out. We will continue to spread positive messages for change and to amplify the voices of Toronto’s 2SLGBTQQIA+ community.

A woman with short hair and glasses eyes closed with her mouth open.
A woman with wavy hair eyes closed mouth open like she's singing.
A woman with short hair eyes closed singing.
A bald man with stubble eyes closed and mouth open like he's singing.