That Time We Got An AI High 

RIFF High AI (Cannes Shortlist, Design and Digital Craft)

A wall with 8 colourful posters, with the top left poster peeling off.

How do you describe a high? It’s not easy. And with over 100 varieties to choose from in most cannabis stores, stoners are more confused than ever. Enter High AI.

Restrictions around the promotion of cannabis products means companies have a hard time differentiating their brands or explaining the effects of different strains to potential customers. We partnered with RIFF to give Canadians an easy way to choose the right weed for any occasion. By getting an AI high (of course).

Here comes the science part. We transformed the formulas of RIFF’s most popular cannabis products – the strain, THC levels, terpenes, and plant type – into AI prompts. Then, when our AI was really feeling it, we asked it to make us some posters with a sunset theme.

The results were beautiful. And since the posters turned out totally different depending on the unique characteristics of the different RIFF products, customers could see at a glance the type of high they might enjoy.

Our High AI’s masterpieces went on display in dispensaries, on social, out on the streets and online at

So there you have it. Unlike most humans, AI proved highly effective, even while high.