A Call to Action Against the Microplastic Crisis in Antarctica 

Publicis Toronto has partnered with Agenda Antartica and Graham Bartram, the original designer of the Antarctica flag, to raise awareness about the microplastic crisis in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

We’ve collaborated with Agenda Antartica, a non-governmental organization dedicated to environmental preservation in the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean. Together, we’ve initiated the redesign of the Antarctica flag by its original designer, Graham Bartram, to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on the pristine land of Antarctica.

The original flag depicts Antarctica in white to signify its distinctive attributes as a hub for scientific collaboration, peaceful coexistence, and nature conservation. The new flag illustrates the continent with colorful shapes, symbolizing the concerning reality of microplastics now found within Antarctic snow.

Vini Dalvi, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Toronto, explains, “This redesigned initiative responds to global concerns about environmental damage and the urgency for sustainable actions. The new flag will serve not only as a symbol of Antarctica’s environmental significance but also as a call to action for nations, corporations, and individuals to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. Microplastics aren’t visible, and the flag helps people visualize the reality in Antarctica that isn’t visible to everyone else.” 

“It was crucial for us to redesign the flag to emphasize our shared responsibility for protecting the planet. By visually depicting microplastics in Antarctic snow, we aim to raise awareness and inspire change,” he adds. Additionally, we’ve launched a website where individuals can learn about the impact of plastic pollution and join the cause. Visitors are invited to sign the petition for a strong Global Plastics Treaty and consider donating to support our efforts.