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Publicis Fires it Up

A new high-impact advertising/awareness campaign from Publicis, in partnership with Toronto Fire Services and Toronto Community Housing, brings the dangers of unattended cooking directly to the city’s residents.

The “Fire Happens Fast” campaign aims to demonstrate the dangers associated with unattended cooking, in very literal terms. Strategically placed billboards (75 Sherbourne St. and 323 Richmond St.), transit shelters, geo-targeted digital ads and social media posts feature an image of a stovetop pot, seemingly setting fire to everything surrounding it. The caption below the image reminds residents that “Fire Happens Fast”.

“What better way to call attention to the danger kitchen fires can pose to residents, than to actually set their surroundings on fire?” asks Tim Kavander, Executive Creative Director of Publicis Toronto. “Changing behaviour, especially when it comes to preventing potentially dangerous situations, demands creative that delivers impact on a visceral level.”

“This campaign gave us the opportunity to use our agency’s collective ingenuity, and creativity, to reach community residents, with this important message.”

The campaign will continue through November 4.

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