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Publicis raises eyebrows with new Nicotine Infused Ice Cream

The Heart & Stroke Foundation and The Canadian Lung Association have partnered with Publicis to launch a new public awareness campaign taking aim at flavoured vape products, with pointed advertisements that highlight how the products are marketed to children.

The campaign’s hidden-camera style captures unsuspecting parents confronted by “Nico” – a friendly ice cream vendor –  in his classic Ice cream truck. He’s more than happy to hand out delicious cones to their kids in flavours like “Cotton Candy Yum,” “Orange Twist,” and “Double Chocolate Dream.” Of course, when he tells parents the ice cream is infused with 100% pure nicotine, the parents tend to lose it and their outrage is captured in videos appearing on TV, in cinema and online.

The campaign clearly points out the insidious nature of Vape marketers using kid-friendly flavours to attract children. And, with news agencies across the country and abroad picking up and commenting on this rather hot topic, the campaign is not going unnoticed.

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