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Lionshare From Home

Since 2013, every month, our entire agency had come together in one room to share some of the smartest, most creative work we had in the marketplace. We called this hour – Lionshare. Hosted in our Clubhouse meeting room, it helped us keep up to date on industry trends and what had been going on within the agency. We also used the time to announce exciting agency news, including new hires and upcoming events. We had never missed an edition, and we weren’t about to let a pandemic interrupt our streak.

Fast forward to March of 2020, when we were forced to take Lionshare virtual. Overnight, one large meeting room became hundreds of small home offices through Zoom. We worried whether we’d still be able to effectively come together with the same agency spirt as before.

Today, we’re proud to say that our new virtual Lionshares have been a success. With the physical space giving away to the digital one, we’ve been continually surprised with how many positive things have happened, including:

  • More of us being able to attend than ever before, including our coworkers from Windsor.
  • Getting more glimpses into the lives of our coworkers including their home lives and hobbies.
  • Our newest hires getting the chance to introduce themselves and showing us where they work from home.
  • More of us having the chance to participate and shine in presentations while also growing our presentation skills.

We’d like to give a shout out to our Lionshare team, led by Jess Balter and Meghan Jeffery. The success of our virtual Lionshares would not have been possible without their dedication and hard work put into planning and running Lionshare each and every month.

As an agency, we look forward to one day being able to attend again in-person – incorporating some of the virtual-world benefits into our real-world meetings. Until then we know our virtual Lionshares will continue to bring the agency together, transforming hundreds of home offices and living rooms into one big Publicis Clubhouse.

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