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Our newly launched Pub United is a social & sports initiative, bringing our lionhearted team together in a fun, collaborative environment. As well as getting employees involved beyond their day-to-day jobs, it provides the opportunity to meet people from different teams and divisions.

To kick off the program, we hosted a Bonspiel at the Leaside Curling Club. For many of our 100 participants, it was the first time throwing a rock, holding a broom or yelling, “Hurry… hurry… hard!” Though many of us thought that curling would be easy, most found that sliding a rock into the house isn’t as easy as it looks on TV.

Still, it was a great time and a few natural curlers even placed one on the button by the end of the night. And of course, post-game socializing helped put the ‘pub’ in Pub United.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us. Next stop: the former Maple Leaf Gardens for some skating and shinny.

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