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On the Rocks. Rink Floyd. Curls Gone Wild. Burning Down the House. BROOM-SHAKA-LAKA. Our agency may not have mastered the intricacies of curling, but every year the team names get more creative.

On January 17, we swept in a new decade with our third annual Pub United Bonspiel. Over 125 advertising professionals brought their amateur rock-throwing skills to the Leaside Curling Club. We listened to our coaches. We talked strategy. We cheered. We trash talked. We had a blast.

After three years, there has definitely been a (very) little improvement in our on-ice performance. But it’s not about the score. It’s about team spirit. It’s about having some fun with your co-workers outside the office. And it’s about teaching those upstarts in Rock Steady that they’ll never vanquish For Those About to Rock. You think you have what it takes, Curl Jam? You looking at us, Read ‘Em & Sweep? You want a piece of this, Game of Stones? We’ll settle this at the rink… in 2021!

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