Chuck Bites

Taking a bite out of the cooking market with LG ProBake & Chef Chuck Hughes.

LG Canada

LG had strong customer awareness in for its Fridge and Laundry products, but customer perception of LG Cooking Products (ovens and ranges) was relatively weak. And the truth was until recently, LG didn’t have a Cooking product that could stand up to the competition. That all changed with the launch of LG ProBake.


LG ProBake was the first ever freestanding range with the heating element moved from the bottom of the oven to the back. That meant your cookies, cakes, roasts and more are all evenly browned every time and cook much faster than traditional convection ovens.

To tell the ProBake story in a way that increased LG’s credibility in Cooking, LG partnered with Canadian Chef Chuck Hughes. Chuck has built his reputation around inspiring people in the kitchen by sharing new, authentic and exciting cooking ideas. In our campaign, he would show how LG helps you get there with smarter innovations that help you explore and re-create the most exciting tastes you’ve discovered.

Our concept was “Chuck Bites”: To maximize Chuck’s talents and demonstrate the benefits of our ProBake’s faster, more even cooking technology, we created a series of speedy, “how-to” cooking videos. Every “bite-sized” video featured various recipe/preparation stages – all shot from above. Once a delicious dish enters the oven, we switched to our ProBake Vision: A feed from a special heat-resistant camera mounted inside the ProBake that shows people a top-down view of how fast and even something cooks, bakes and roasts in our oven. Three original recipes from Chef Chuck Hughes made this one tasty shoot!


1.3 million views later, we’re sure many Canadians agree.