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Delivering the Online World

Helping transform one of Canada’s oldest brands into a critical driver of today’s economy.

Canada Post

While trusted and respected, Canada Post’s brand was seen as increasingly out of touch in a fast-paced, digital world. Most Canadians were not aware of Canada Post’s evolved offering and saw it only as a provider of mail delivery – a service of rapidly fading importance.

We needed to show Canadians that a 252-year-old institution could embrace change – particularly in the e-commerce sphere – by demonstrating that it delivers much more than just mail.

As the first step towards changing Canadians’ perceptions of Canada Post, we focused on the brand’s ability to reach every Canadian in an ever more digital world. The result: a new parcels platform called Delivering the Online World.

To support the new direction, we created a memorable new identity, taking ownership of the ubiquitous online shopping cart icon. Our shopping cart became the visual key that linked all media channels going forward.

Backed by a full campaign including TV, print, digital, social and CRM content, parcels business saw an immediate 19% increase.

As a part of this new brand expression, we also designed the retail store of the future. The Canada Post Drive-Thru Parcel Centre marked a distinct evolution in the customer experience by bringing the digital and physical worlds together.