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FCA Online 360 Experience

An interactive tool that brings the dealership experience to consumers with 360 interior explorations, helping potential customers determine ‘which vehicle is right for me’.

FCA Canada

Today’s automotive consumer does copious online research before setting foot in a dealership. We needed new tools to virtually put drivers behind the wheel of our vehicles.

Customers can see the outside of our cars every day. But what about the interior? What if we went beyond the industry standard of static interior shots, giving drivers the ability to feel as if they are sitting in the vehicle? Third party research (and our analytics) identified a consumer desire for interior 360 degree images.

To answer this market challenge, we came up with a time- and budget-responsible solution in just over a month. 30 vehicles. Three days. Each vehicle was stored, detailed, positioned and cycled through an indoor shooting setup.

The 360s were captured with a virtual reality camera rigged specifically for this shoot. Each shot required approximately 40 hours total of VFX post time, including stitching, retouching, cleanup, compositing and color correction.

The result was an unprecedented interior showcase of 30 of FCA’s top trim levels, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat and Alfa Romeo brands. A full, 360-degree experience was developed and optimized for each digital platform.

Users could pan, zoom and discover every intricate detail of the vehicle interior. Informative hotspots were included throughout each 360, so that users could get a better understanding of the important key features.