If I Owned An Airline

To help travellers understand why WestJet is the better choice for business, we tapped into some of the frustrations people experience with other airlines.


As business travel becomes increasingly stressful and cost-prohibitive, we wanted to help travellers recognize WestJet as the more reasonable alternative. With images of travellers being bumped off flights and left behind at airports dominating Canadians’ newsfeeds, the time to talk about WestJet business travel was now.

We drew inspiration from some of the most common frustrations that business travellers encounter. With a healthy dose of fun, we channeled people’s inevitable response: a rant against an unorganized, unhelpful system, culminating in the thought every traveller can relate to: ‘if I owned an airline…!’

This gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce business travellers to the better solution from WestJet, and to let everyone know that Owners care about their business.

Through TV and online video, we spread the word about the benefits of choosing WestJet, including one that was very timely: WestJet doesn’t overbook their flights.

It turns out business travellers across the country were more than ready to listen: The campaign racked up 3.1 million views, 27k engagements and over 8k shares. But most encouraging? Over 90% of the comments we received were positive.