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Instrument of Hope

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the MSDHS shooting and raise awareness around gun control, Publicis Toronto and Publicis New York collaborated with ShineMSD to create a one-of-a-kind art piece.

A year after the tragedy at conversations around gun control had started to lose momentum. Our challenge was two-fold: first, get people to remain actively engaged in efforts surrounding gun control; and second, drive folks to the ShineMSD donation page – the organization created by students after the shooting.

Collaborating with ShineMSD and Publicis, famed instrument maker Josh Landress created a working trumpet made entirely out of bullet casings. Appropriately named Instrument of Hope, its goal is to create something beautiful out of something so tragic and keep the conversation alive. Through a landing page and social channels artists could request the trumpet, leading to a cross-country tour and spotlight by Panic at the Disco.

Through a website developed by Publicis Toronto, musicians can request to borrow Instrument of Hope to play at their performance, generating public awareness at local and international venues. ShineMSD students continue to use social media to engage with the followers of artists who have featured the trumpet, spreading the message that the arts can heal.