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Let’s get you there.

The goal of this campaign was to build an emotional connection with consumers and position Sun Life as a trusted partner, empowering them on their journey towards financial, physical and mental health.

Sun Life Financial

The backdrop for the campaign was a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. We are living in a heightened reality where financial, physical and mental health are equally top-of-mind. Our idea was based on our need as humans to set goals for ourselves and how Sun Life helps Canadians achieve their unique goals – big and small.

Building on the optimism of previous campaign, the spot features a woman in her 40s setting 3 personal goals (financial health / physical health / mental health) in the form of life-size, animated supers. She physically interacts with each goal, to visibly demonstrate the transformation from goal setting to goal accomplishment.  This powerful, memorable device is further leveraged in print and digital to capture this notion.

The campaign line “Let’s get you there.”/”Allez! On va t’aider.” highlights the important role Sun Life plays in helping people with their health and wealth needs. The campaign was a true collaboration of the Toronto and Montreal offices taking into consideration both the English and French markets during the ideation and concept phase. The outcome is that the creative idea proved equally powerful in both languages.

The campaign rolled out online first with a 30-sec ad and three 15-sec cutdowns and then moved to TV nationally. The concept was extended through digital out of home as well as animated and static banners on YouTube and Spotify, and social posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Empowering inspirational quotable pins were also created for each of the three pillars for Pinterest.  A landing page dedicated to the campaign was also created: