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Lobsterfest Hyper-Contextual OLV

There’s no lobster party bigger than Lobsterfest at Red Lobster. And with a different dish for every lobster fan, one or two OLVs wasn’t enough. So instead, we made 161 hyper-personalized videos.

Red Lobster USA

Red Lobster is the ONLY brand that could bring you Lobsterfest. It’s a 12-week event that encourages guests to dig in to their favorite crustacean in more ways than they can shake a claw at. But lobster fans have lots of other interests too, and make up a wildly diverse slice of America. Hitting them all with the same creative online seemed like a missed opportunity, especially when we know how memorable a message can be when it aligns perfectly with the content our guests care about.

We started out with six unique :06 OLV scripts that honed in on a few broad categories – like “family” and “entertainment.” But for an event that speaks to such a diverse group of lobster fans, just six OLVs didn’t feel right. So we worked directly with Google to leverage Director’s Mix, a technology that can place hundreds of unique, contextual supers over top of just a few base videos. Then we paired our videos with super granular targeting methods to get HYPER-specific with our messaging.

Working from a list of topics and keywords we knew our audience was searching for on YouTube (MMA highlights, Latin pop hits, wine country vacations), our team came up with hundreds of lines that contextually tied Lobsterfest to each topic our guests love. The end result? 161 unique :06 ads – each linking Lobsterfest to our target’s hobbies and passions. The most Lobster dishes of the year, promoted by the most :06 OLVs we’ve ever seen. It was a match made in buttery heaven.