A New Take on Advice

Reinforcing The Home Depot Canada’s know-how leadership position amongst its competitors through always-on, interconnected consumer communications.

The Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot has established itself as the leader in home improvement know-how, with a history of providing face-to-face advice to customers at the store level.

But in today’s e-commerce landscape, the challenge is to translate that know-how to the interconnected, digital audience. Consumers are demanding that home improvement brands find them online, where retail competitors, DIY influencers and YouTubers are jostling to provide how-to advice in easily digestible formats.

Through an always-on approach, amplified during key selling seasons, Publicis produces a range of strategic know-how content designed to reach Canadian homeowners at every point of a home improvement project’s journey.

This results in a truly interconnected consumer experience, with each component delivered through the knowledgeable voice of The Home Depot Canada brand and its associates.

Our robust, how-to ecosystem delivers the information and products that every homeowner needs.

From the TV platform that highlights the transfer of DIY knowledge through true-to-life, associate/customer interactions, to hundreds of evergreen, step-by-step project tutorial videos, to inspirational DIYs designed to spark ideas with social followers… every level of communication reinforces the brand’s DIY authority.