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PlaySmart wins Best Website Award

Nurun Toronto launches the new website for PlaySmart - an award-winning player education program that takes a player-first approach - for Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s Responsible Gambling unit.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming

After years of focussing on at-risk gamblers, OLG’s Responsible Gambling (RG) unit wanted to refocused its efforts to serve and support all players. This shift meant going from helping players after problems develop, to helping new, casual, and core players maintain healthy play habits before problems begin.


Enter PlaySmart – a new player education program designed to support positive, sustainable play habits by educating players to understand gambling better and have a more positive experience.

The cornerstone of PlaySmart is – a digital hub that teaches players, in a light-hearted way, what they need to know to have more fun playing.


The new key objectives are:

– be the “go-to” resource for gambling education

– build a sustainable player base

– support category growth across all lines of business


The goals of the user experience are to:

– Make it simple, easy and intuitive

– Make it fun, engaging and interactive

– Be findable when players are searching for information now seamlessly weaves ‘smart play’ tips into the experience to engage and educate at-risk players and connect them with helpful resources across Ontario.


User experience improvements include:

– Revamped Information Architecture

– A Mobile-first approach

– A new Social Hub with news, game updates and more

– PlaySmart added to the ecosystem


In September, won the 2018 Hickey Award for Best Website from the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.