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Raptor on the Roof

To showcase the G5’s ultra-wide angle lens, Publicis and LG put Toronto Raptor Cory Joseph to the ultimate test.

LG Canada


The LG G5 — LG’s latest flagship smartphone — was set to hit the shelves in April 2016. We knew the phone was buzzworthy. Its camera was capable of capturing 135-degree images — a wider shot than the human eye’s natural field of vision. But in a smartphone market dominated by heavy-hitters Apple and Samsung, we needed to do something BIG to get people talking and drive consideration.


In a bold move, LG challenged its brand ambassador, Toronto Raptor Cory Joseph, to make an ultra-wide shot high above the streets of Toronto. Cory would sink a basket from one rooftop to another, 280 feet in the air, from a distance of 65 feet — nearly triple the minimum distance of a regular three-point shot. And of course, we’d capture it with the new LG G5’s ultra wide-angle lens.


Cory made the shot, and we made a killer piece of content to promote the LG G5. We posted the video to all LG’s social channels and the G5 microsite, but it didn’t stop there. Within days, the media got in on the action, generating over one million video views and more than 11.5 million earned impressions.