Life Is Calling

Jeep goes off the conventional media road to engage consumers.

FCA Canada – Jeep Brand


The Jeep brand is all about capability and brand love — it is a true off-road vehicle that is comfortable in any terrain. And its owners are its biggest ambassadors! We wanted to empower our owners to demonstrate this amazing capability in a rich and memorable manner, beyond what is possible in a traditional :30 second commercial.



In partnership with Discovery Channel, we created a highly entertaining, 8-episode digital video series. The series brought viewers face to face with the harsh realities of mountain climbing, focusing on a group of three Canadian Jeep owners who attempt to climb a pair of peaks that have never been summited before.


Their vehicle of choice for this lofty undertaking? The ultra-capable Jeep, of course.


In addition to the video content series, we created a robust digital hub that harnessed gamification to encourage content consumption. Unique social content and emails drove users to the site. The site housed all of the video content, profiled the climbers and showcased the featured vehicles.


Our ‘Life Is Calling’ contest incentivized users to earn additional entries by exploring all website content. This resulted in deeper consumer engagement, more interaction with the vehicle features, plus crucial email capture for subsequent lead generation.