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Rogers Roam Like Home™

Long-running integrated campaign to promote Rogers’ innovative “Roam Like Home™” roaming product that allows Canadians to have the freedom to use their phone while traveling just as they would at home.


Canadian consumers were terrified of roaming fees. So much so that when they traveled, they often turned their phones off entirely. As a result they couldn’t do the day-to-day things on their phones that we do every day and all take for granted – check the weather, navigate on Google maps, post pics as they happen, etc. Thus negatively affecting their travel experience.

Our strategy was based on a simple truth.  Most travellers are forced to ask themselves the same question as they cross the border out of Canada: Turn Roam ‘On’, or keep it ‘Off’? Keep using and enjoying my mobile device the way I do when I’m at home, or not?


Coming directly out of this insight, our big idea was equally simple: get customers to “Roam On” – and experience the freedom to use their phone exactly as they did at home.


A multi-year, 360° phased campaign designed to deliver the following four objectives: Awareness, Education, Proof, Activation.

This large-scale, long-running campaign has included hundreds of different executions including national TV and radio commericals; highly targeted and contextual digital display banners that incorporate your travel destination into the creative; and impactful large format OOH placed wherever travelers are about to cross the border (whether by plane, train or automobile). We also created a highly success social contest using the hashtag #RoamOn that had customers endorsing the product as well as creating a commercial using content captured by many of Canada’s leading influencers.