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Share the Space

Eye-catching posters throughout TTC vehicles and stations to encourage customers to share the space with those in need.

Toronto Transit Commission

Despite the TTC’s efforts to make the system fully accessible, customers with disabilities felt they were often overlooked or not accommodated by able bodied customers. So much so, that they reached out the TTC to express their concerns. The TTC wanted to remind their customers to look out for those in need and share the space.

Accessibility messaging has the risk of being overlooked, so we needed to find a way to get people to notice. We developed a bright “accessibility blue” print campaign that featured engaging, bold visuals and simple messaging. To break through the clutter, we employed a gamification technique that required customers to engage with the ads (not just read them).

We created a series of ads, each tackling a unique need including pregnant women, the elderly, those who use mobility devices and more. The ads utilized repetitive iconography depicting TTC customers. Within the repetitive iconography existed a single rider with special needs. Each poster signed off with the message: “Once you see me, please share the space with me.” The ads appeared as posters across the system, in-stations and vehicles as well as within videos which appeared on TTC platform video screens.