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The Butter Dunk-Off

To secure our place as the undisputed butter dunk masters and promote Lobsterfest, we took to social media to take on the world’s best during one of the biggest nights in basketball: The NBA Dunk Competition.

Red Lobster

Lobsterfest is Red Lobster’s biggest event of the year. It also happens to coincide with the NBA All Star Weekend. Since we know Red Lobster fans are also NBA fans, we wanted to align ourselves with one of the biggest nights in basketball so we could have a direct line to our guests. But there was one problem: We weren’t official NBA sponsor, which means we couldn’t mention any of the players’ names or the names of their teams.

Anyone who’s seen a Red Lobster ad knows our butter dunks defy the laws of physics. But we wanted to show our fans that we can also dunk the way the pros do. So we re-created several of basketball’s most iconic dunks like the two-handed jam, the 360 and the alley-oop, but with our own lobster-filled twist. Then every time the players dunked, we would post our own version on our social channels and encourage the fans rate it from 1 to 10, just like the judges do in the NBA competition.

We partnered with two household names in basketball – Kenny Smith and Aaron Gordon – who both have a strong affiliation with the dunk contest. They helped us make an organic connection between NBA fans and our Red Lobster butter dunks.

Then we created over 25 pieces of unique video content and set up war rooms in Chicago, New York and Orlando on the night of the dunk contest. Throughout the broadcast, we were able to respond in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to create an added layer of buttery competition for our fans.