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“The Ice Cream Truck”

The Heart & Stroke Foundation and The Canadian Lung Association have partnered with Publicis to launch a new public awareness campaign taking aim at flavoured vape products, with pointed advertisements that highlight how the products are marketed to children.

Heart and Stroke Foundation and The Canadian Lung Association

Vape companies want the world to think vaping is an adult “Smoking cessation” tool. Fine. But are flavours like “Cotton Candy Yum,” or “Peach Jelly Bean” really meant to help adults stop smoking or just meant to get kids to start? With huge increases in vaping among teens and these same kids showing up in Emergency Wards with “never-been-seen-before” lung ailments, we wanted parents to know vape companies were targeting their children.

We took a Classic Ice Cream Truck and started selling delicious new Ice Cream flavours to parents and their kids. We let parents know our dairy fresh, ice cream was infused with 100% organic nicotine – 28 mg per cone, in fact (of course, there really wasn’t any nicotine).

Everything was shot hidden camera style, capturing the shock and outrage of unsuspecting parents. But our point was clear: if it isn’t okay to give kids nicotine hidden in delicious ice cream flavours, how come it’s okay to let vape companies target kids with the same ridiculous flavours?

We created 30 second TV and Cinema ads to provide broad awareness of the issue while a 90 second online film told the whole story. The long format film was posted on The Canadian Lung Associations YouTube channel and prominently featured on their website, as well. Shorter format social videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all drove to the 90 and ultimately the website where you could learn more about the issue.