The Sessions

To highlight the continuing importance of direct mail in today’s marketing landscape, Publicis created an advocates program featuring influential industry veterans.

Canada Post

In the age of digital marketing, the value of direct mail is falling off the consideration list. Demands for return on investment are ever-increasing, while the effectiveness of digital advertising in delivering customer action is being questioned. Marketers are confronted with heightened expectations and shrinking budgets.

Canada Post looked to reassert the value of direct mail as an impactful, cost-effective component of a modern marketing mix.

We spoke with industry-leading marketing executives about the power of DM within each of their respective disciplines. The years of experience and aptitude around the table made for a comprehensive conversation. Our hand-picked marketers’ established credibility was instrumental in informing and educating our audience.

We filmed roundtable discussions featuring our marketing experts, creating a vast collection of short- and long-form video that was distributed through social media to targeted segments of our audience.

The campaign performed extremely well, generating more than 3 million video views with video completion rates two times the YouTube average.