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Reinforce TTC’s zero tolerance approach to harassment and take steps to encourage a safer transit environment.


Harassment in public places, including on public transit, is far too common. The TTC wanted to acknowledge the problem, bring awareness to it and improve public safety for its riders.


In addition to established reporting methods, the TTC launched the SafeTTC app, giving Torontonians a new way to report unwelcome approaches or other suspicious activity in a safe, discreet manner. Now the challenge was to let the public know about it.

In order to educate people about what constitutes harassment, we decided to tell true stories of rider harassment in the very places they occurred. Stories included people who were harassed because of their gender identity, disability and race.


The concept (1) vilified harassers, (2) shed a positive light on those who stand up for each other, and (3) positioned the TTC’s new reporting program as a solution to keep all riders safe.

The #ThisIsWhere campaign launched in September, 2017. Customers encountered posters and other printed material on vehicles and in stations throughout the TTC.


In addition to posters highlighting how and where customers could combat harassment, selected stories were placed in the areas where the situations actually occurred. This put the reader in the shoes of the person who had experienced that harassment.


All ads included a CTA inviting Torontonians to learn more at a