Who Does That? Owners Do.

We demonstrated how much WestJet cares by bringing to life real stories where WestJetters stepped up and helped guests in unusual scenarios.



As one of Canada’s most respected businesses, WestJet recognized a shifting competitive landscape was threatening it’s brand leadership. We knew the time was right to start actively defending our turf, responding with a strong and disruptive campaign.


We quickly realized we needed to remind Canadians of what made WestJet one of their most beloved brands. To do so we went back to our roots and built the campaign around our key differentiator: the people.


We anchored the campaign in so-called ‘kudos stories’ — real life situations in which WestJetters stepped up and helped their guests in unusual scenarios, like babysitting a guest’s turtle for a week. To drive credibility, we featured the real WestJetters who were behind these unbelievable stories.


We shot two hero stories that were featured on TV, digital and social. We also asked Canadians to share their incredible WestJetter experiences and submit their stories to the campaign hub.


The campaign was dubbed by our clients as the most impactful campaign ever, as it greatly contributed to improving the brand health metrics and drove record-breaking engagement and motivation scores.