A Film Festival Steeped in History

Toronto Jewish Film Festival 

Running for over 30 years, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival is the largest Jewish film festival in the world, hosting a wide range of films that push the boundaries of the medium. 

May your popcorn runneth over. Woman holding a gold chalice of popcorn, a couple seated on movie theatre seats.
Let there be lights camera and action. A group of actors hoisting an actress in a chair above them, with a film crew in the foreground filming a dance.

Together with TJFF, Publicis Toronto created a poster series and an array of digital videos for the 2024 edition of the festival. 

The centuries-old Jewish tradition of storytelling informed the concept and tagline of “A Festival 5,000 years in the making”. The headlines craft a playful connection between this history and filmmaking, and the visuals – created in collaboration with Brazilian illustrator Fabio Vido – pay homage to movie posters in their layout, while also bringing in elements of film, and Jewish culture.

Publicis Toronto’s Head of Art Victor Yves said that developing the campaign has been a “deeply rewarding” experience. “These posters are a really nice way to celebrate cinema, the power of storytelling and the beauty of cultural heritage,” he commented. “It’s always thrilling to promote unity and positivity through our work, and we’re proud to help TJFF amplify its message.”

Let my people go to the show. a couple walking down a red carpet in a movie theatre with waves parted on each side.
Thou shalt not talk during the movie. Director in his chair framing with his hands.

The 2024 Festival runs from May 30th to June 9th.