Capping Off A Viral ‘Bucket Battle’

Canadian Tire

A 6-week tongue-in-cheek battle on social media over who’s plastic utility bucket was most charismatic, ended off with a mic drop in the shape of a bucket hat. 

In early March, Canadian Tire and two competitors posted back-and-forth videos on social media in an attempt to claim the title of ‘Canada’s Bucket’. 

3 people wearing bucket hats posing at the bottom of a fire escape.

In the latest exchange, Canadian Tire created a bucket hat in honour of the bucket that ‘wears many hats,’ and so the OG Bucket Hat was born. A teasing reminder to the competition, that our bucket came first, and will stay first. 

After launching this Bucket bucket hat on social with a parody of a streetwear fashion drop, dozens of hats were sent to influencers, with it even making a few appearances at the Leafs’ playoff games.

Most importantly, we ensured that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the best bucket is a CT bucket.