Making Small Holiday Gifts Feel Big

Jared Holiday Campaign

To some, the hustle of holiday shopping can make the purchase of jewelry feel impersonal, lacking the warmth and sentimentality that characterizes this special time of year.

In response to this challenge, Jared partnered for the first time with Publicis Toronto to introduce a Holiday campaign that reimagines the act of offering a jewel, turning it into special, and elegant experience interwoven into the magic of festivities.

Taking inspiration from enchanting scenes inside miniature snow globes, Publicis Toronto collaborated with ThePub, its in-house production studio, and miniature professionals to craft playful holiday scenarios from the ground up. Within each setting, jewelry becomes an integral part of the narrative. Picture a couple sharing a kiss beneath an emerald ring masquerading as mistletoe, a watch face transformed into an ice rink, or a diamond necklace illuminating a wintry rooftop like radiant lights. In every scene, the jewels seamlessly integrate into the very essence of the Holiday experience.

Vini Dalvi, Chief Marketing Officer of Publicis Toronto, explains, “We aimed to bring to life the concept of ‘small holiday gifts that feel big’ in a refreshing, eye-catching way. By integrating jewels into the heart of Holiday scenes, we highlighted the idea that even though a jewel comes in a small box, it means the world because you’ve chosen it with love and care, making it just as special for the person receiving it as it is for you.”

Reflecting on the collaboration, David McMillian, Vice President, Creative at Jared stated: “Publicis’ ability to work within tight timeframe was remarkable. I didn’t expect the minutia and precision they brought to the production – from model building and hand painting to multiple sets running simultaneously. The work is breakthrough for the category and stands out amidst the noise of the season. I’m proud of the work and thankful for the team.”