Two Years Of Sharing The Screen

Visa, TIFF 2023


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the city’s most exciting events. It’s also one of the hardest to access. Our challenge was to create an engaging 30s trailer that would bring awareness to ‘Visa Sharing the Screen’: a program that provides access to TIFF films, events, and more, to underrepresented community members. 


Movies having a way of connecting people. Whether with friends or strangers, when you see the same film there’s an unspoken bond.


We created a 30s trailer entitled “Bonding Over Film” that will play before all galas and special presentations at this year’s TIFF (2023).

The trailer captures a bathroom scene with two women standing side by side, tears streaming down their faces. A third woman then emerges from a stall, clutching a comically long trail of toilet paper and loudly sniffling. Gradually, more individuals with tear-stained faces join the scene. Amid this shared but mysterious surge of emotions, two of them exclaim “it was even better than the book”, hinting they all just went through the same powerful experience. A theatre employee then enters, equipped for cleanup duties, his own tears evident. As he embraces one of the women and murmurs ‘three showings a day’, the group’s connection becomes clear: They all watched the same movie.

The campaign also consisted of two 10s social videos, one that showcases theatregoers bonding over a scary moment in a horror film, the other over a hilarious moment in a comedy.