Speaking Out Against East-Asian Hate

City of Toronto, Local Roads

Tuning into K-pop, but tuning out the hate? A close-up of a hand holing a phone with a video playing held at the waist.

There is no place for racism in Toronto, but with East Asian racism on the rise, the City wanted to bring awareness to the issue and show allies what they can do to take a stand against it. One way to get their attention was to leverage some of the East Asian culture Torontonians were already engaging in. So, we partnered with Chinese-Canadian illustrator Paige Jung to create a series of TSAs. In them, we called out how people often participate in the culture but ignore the hate. These colourful, playful posters worked to draw people in, while providing them with a serious message—in order to be a good ally, you have to stand up and speak out against racism.